By Iyona Hagler, News Writer

Senior Superlatives are memories that best describe graduating seniors. These superlatives recognize characteristics in students who are moving on and leaving high school, and the photos go in the yearbook.

Keenan had 16 Senior Superlatives this year. The Senior Superlatives include Most Popular, Most Talkative, Most Outgoing, Most Athletic, Most Attractive, Most Wanted by Admiration, Most Likely to Succeed, Most Likely to Be Late to Graduation, Most Senioritis, Best All Around, Partners in Crime, Drama King and Queen, Best Dressed, Class Clown, Cutest Couple and Life of the Party.

For a majority of all superlatives, there are two winners, one girl and one boy.

“Work hard in the weight room and produce on the field,” Senior Sanchez Lorick, Most Athletic, said.

Senior Domonique Evins won Drama Queen

“The superlative fits me perfectly,” she said.

Partners in Crime was the only superlative that has four winners, two boys and two girls.

“The best advice I can give anyone is to choose your friends wisely,” Senior Diamond Hill, who won Partners in Crime along with Senior Braizer Reed, said.

Seniors John Richmond, Lorick, Rodriquez Marshall, and Dania Epps all won more than one superlative each.

“Yes, I was surprised I won Best All Around because that’s the best one to me,” Lorick, Best All-Around, said.