By Emani Patterson, Features Writer

On February 23, Keenan held a Black History Month program for staff and students. They learned the importance of why Black History Month is celebrated.

They also watched their fellow classmates dance, sing and act as if they were a part of the movement many years ago.

“Past motivational speakers made it to where we’re able to see and understand what they had to go through and what was actually going on,” Mr. Reggie LaRoche, English teacher, said.

Black History Month is celebrated every year in the month of February and focuses on the achievements of past African Americans.

“Teachers should teach us more about it instead of teaching us the same thing each year,” Sophomore Jessy Gonzales said.

At the program, teachers and students got to see how life was back then and experience memorable moments.

“Past speakers motivated and are inspirational to us,” Mr. Fredys Castro, Spanish teacher, said. “They encourage us to continue to work on our goals.”

Throughout the month of February, Black History Month still goes on, and many people are moved by it. They celebrate in different ways and remember to keep the faith.