By Logan McDaniel, News Writer

Players are being recruited for different sports at all times. Some players focus on behavior, thinking that’s what recruiters look at.

“I believe this because coaches rather see players working together with good behaviors,” Freshman Dillon Jones, varsity basketball player, said.

Many wonder if participating on a bad team will affect their chances of being recruited. Some people think bad teams have a huge impact on the recruiter’s choice on deciding to choose them.

“Yes, because if your team is sorry, nobody is going to want to look at you,” Senior Yasmeen Muhamad, varsity volleyball player, said.

Many players have made it their duty to get recruited.

“Yes, I was recruited to Salem College,” Senior Sanchez Lorick, who plays varsity football, said.

Coaches are the player’s main support when it comes to being recruited. Coaches take the time to help the players become better, so they can get the opportunity to be recruited.

“Majority of them do put in the work and do try to become better,” Coach Pablo Rivera, who coaches multiple sports, said.