By Jasmine Tillman, Features Writer

Middle school has ended, and it’s time to grow up. The upcoming freshmen have become young adults and have matured, while seniors are leaving and moving out into the real world. Now let’s get a sneak peek on how high school has impacted their lives.

“High school is hard, and the teachers are tough, but it’s not as bad as people made it seem,”Freshman Jametta Favor said.

High school is way different from middle school, so Favor has to adapt to the new environment. She studies at the local library and is a straight “A” student.

Favor sees herself becoming a nurse like her mom and providing for her family. She follows in her mother’s footsteps and wants to be just like her but better.

High school is no joke, and the teachers are not playing. Your grades are important; it’s all about your education.

“Choose your friends wisely because negative people will have a negative effect on you,” Favor said.

It was a long four years for Senior Luke Dobbs, but it was worth it. He thanks his teachers, parents and himself who helped him grow and succeed into a young man.

“My high school experience was tough but I got through it,” Dobbs said. “I learned that nothing is handed to you in life and you have to be independent. My education was my main focus that got me all throughout high school.”

Dobbs gave a speech at a banquet years back about how hard it is the catch up your senior year if you play around, based on what he was told by his teachers. He also said kids fail because of the crowds they hang around. Choose your friends wisely and have your own brain.

High school is all what you make it, so make smart choices and choose the right crowd. Education is the key to success, and you won’t get anywhere without it.

Education is extremely important to Mrs. Carla Gourdine, English teacher. She has 22 years in education and is still in touch with former students.

“They call me to thank me about what I’ve done for them, and that keeps me going every day,” Gourdine said.

High school is tough, so kids need a few things to keep them lifted. They need discipline and support, quality and structure, and to care about themselves.

“Keenan does give out a good education to the children, it’s a family thing that require team work,” Gourdine said.

Throughout high school kids are preparing for college. They write every day, read college-level text and books, and write college essays. It takes the effort and skill to be prepared and to improve. Finishing high school and going to college is a big step, but it’s all a choice.

Make it now before it’s too late. Decide your future and how to get there.