By Rodney Chavis, Features Writer

Will working have a low or high impact on a student’s performance in school? Maybe having a job will benefit them greatly.

Some may think having a part-time job is fun and exciting.

With students having part time jobs are their test scores being affected? Teachers answered that question in more ways than some people could think.

“Yes,” Mrs. Sahara White, Science teacher, said. “The change in their grades is very negative.”

Students think they can handle both school and a part time job but soon find out they really cannot.

“Work tires me out when having to do my school work,” Junior Tanita Taylor said.

Students often think, having a job benefits them. Others think having a part time job show them many opportunities in school and life.

“Yes,” Senior Carrington Jones said. “I think having a job benefits me because it gives me the opportunity to explore the outside world and helps me prepare myself when I get older.”

Adults think students as a whole should focus more on school and not on stressful part time jobs that may interfere with their school performances.

“Their primary job is to get an education,” Mrs. Carla Gourdine, English teacher said.