By Cedric McQueen, News Writer

Keeping the tradition alive, Keenan conducted its annual campus tour for the eighth graders at 9:00 A.M. on February 3. Every year, the tour gives the future ninth graders something to look forward to.

Mrs. Latayna Williams, Assistant Principal, as well as Senior Denia Epps and Sophomore Tevin Glover were involved in the tour.

Before the tour started, students and teachers of Keenan welcomed the future ninth graders. After the welcome, Keenan began the tour with a presentation from a student council member, Senior John Richmond.

Williams received help from different departments within Keenan to ensure the eighth graders had life- changing experiences.

Williams thought the first part of the tour that was showcased gave good first impressions.

Along with the eighth graders, Williams was excited as well.

“Ready to set the foundations for the class of 2021,” she said.

The tour guides consisted of teacher cadets and other students selected by teachers. The freshmen were selected based on behavior.

Epps participated in the annual tour as a guide for the eighth graders.

She saw the look on their faces and thought they felt excited since it was the first time seeing Keenan’s campus for a majority of them.

“Your transition to high school should be a great one,” Epps said.

Along with Epps, Glover was also a tour guide. Glover explained how happy he was to show the future ninth graders what he thought was cool.

Glover’s group saw the attractions of Keenan. Glover wished he could’ve shown them the classroom environments.

“I am looking forward to participating again next year,” he said.