By Emani Patterson, Sports Writer

Keenan’s boys and girls soccer team will have their first game February 27 against Lewisville High School.

Coach Pablo Rivera, soccer coach, is welcoming children from all grades to participate and be a part of an amazing soccer team.

“There are more kids conditioning this year than last year,” Rivera said.

Since last year’s season, Keenan has not been able to beat a team in the playoffs, which is their ultimate goal this year.

“So far we have a really good team in our hands,” Rivera said. “A couple of strengths I see is leadership, and that’s awesome.”

Leadership is just what the team needs. New players on the team will need extra help and support, not only from the coaches but the other players as well.

Coach James McLawhorn, assistant coach, said the players they have this year are even more skilled, and they’re destined for a great turnout.

The team is in need of more players, so there is an equal opportunity for anyone to join.

“There is good chemistry between each player; everybody knows somebody,” Sophomore D’Andre Williams said.

The season will end in May which gives players a generous amount of time to work on scoring the perfect goal.