By Rodney Chavis, News Writer

Keenan’s track team will soar to new heights when it has its first track meet on March 2.

Before the meet the team prepares strongly. Team members also have a firm mindset on what they want to accomplish this season.

“I believe that together as a team we will make it far,” Junior Courtney Sims said.

With his head held high, with much confidence and his expectations high in the sky, Coach Charles Proctor believes so much in his team.

“My expectations for them are to win the region meet, compete for the state title and have at least four people qualify for nationals,” Proctor said.

To many, this team is very strong and full of potential.

“We have some fast members a part of our team,” Junior Thomas Smalls said.

Knowing they will make it far in the season, they train hard.

“I believe we will make to the state championship,” Sophomore Antwoine Benjamin said.