By Cedric McQueen, News Writer

Keenan is expected to air its first news show in late February for the campus. Staff in both the 2A Journalism and 2B Yearbook classes will work together to get the news program back up and running.

Mrs. Deidra Pompey, English teacher; Mrs. Jessica Cornish, Librarian; and Senior Roderica Sturrup are on a team working to bring back the news show.

Pompey is the sponsor of the news show. She plans to make the news show a staple in the school again.

Keenan always broadcasted news until three years ago. Staff members and students wanted to get the news show off the ground.

This three-year gap inspired Pompey to restore Keenan’s news show.

“Giving the Raiders news they can use,” Pompey said.

Assisting Pompey, Cornish helped set necessary meetings.

Meetings for the news show are estimated to happen every other Thursday.

Cornish thinks that the news show will be a great way for students to showcase their talents.

“People need to stay informed and aware of global events because things change rapidly,” Cornish said.

Keenan will use podcaster and Microsoft Movie Maker for editing and uploading the news.

Sturrup is a part of the 2B Yearbook class.

Even though roles for the news are up for debate, Sturrup is one of the candidates for news show anchor.

Sturrup and the 2B class came up with segments possible for the news show, brainstorming ideas like Outfits of the Week, weather, half-day, and sports achievements.

Sturrup thinks students don’t pay attention to morning announcements. She believes the news show will be a great way to broadcast information.

“Be yourself,” Sturrup said.