By Rickey Rhone, Features Writer

Seniors went to SkateLand at 7 P.M. until closing on October 3. The tickets before the event were $7.00, and at the door it was $9.00. Senior skate night was a day for the 2017 graduating class to build a better bond with each other.

“It brought us together; it had squashed some drama between some the students,” Senior John Richmond said.

In modern society people are being separated, and people separate themselves with their own groups of friends, instead of getting to know each other.

“A senior breakfast would be nice, and we could have a guest speaker come in and inform us more about college and what it takes to stay in college,” Senior Jarred McCullough said.

Nowadays people are being separated due to many reasons like race, culture, music and family status. People should try to know each other and not just the senior class.

“It’s fun to learn new things from different people; it has taught me that people have a lot of value and can impact our lives, more than what people are used to,” Senior DeShawn Nelson said.