By Emani Patterson, News Writer

Keenan’s JROTC classes teamed up to donate food and clothes for the Harvest Hope Food Bank starting on November 28, 2016.

This production was not only for JROTC classes to contribute to but the whole school as well.

Seniors Dinease Jones and Shadaria Daniels, JROTC cadets, were in charge of the food and clothes drive; both had a specific goal for the drive.

“It helps out people who are less fortunate, and we want to help out our community. Not only to give back, but it’s also a good name for our school,” Jones said.

Plenty of people donated, which made such a big difference for the community and the Harvest Hope Food Bank.

“Since it’s the season of giving, we try to include teachers and students, so it can be an even bigger impact,” Daniels said.

Keenan’s goal for the food and clothes drive was 500 perishable food items and more clothing items than last year.

“I donated cans and clothes for the drive, so they can go to people who can’t help themselves,” Sophomore Nya Davenport said.

The drive ended in December before the holidays, so the Harvest Hope Food Bank could send out the donations to families on Christmas Day.