By Bobbianna Branch, News Writer

To raise money for Keenan’s Parent Teacher and Student Association (PTSA), Mrs. Evita George, president of the PTSA, came up with the idea of a pie-throwing fundraiser. In the commons area, on November 23, 2016, students bought tickets for $1.00 to throw pies at the teacher of their choice.

Some teachers volunteered, and some were asked because others backed out and couldn’t participate. Mrs. Archias Forbes, chorus teacher, was one of the ones who took the place of someone who backed out.

“Ms. George asked, and me being a team player, I said yes!“ Forbes said.

So while Forbes took the hot seat, there were people watching who enjoyed it as much as she did.

Ms. Pamela James, library instructional assistant, was there enjoying the view, taking a few photos as the pies were being tossed. She said the reaction of the students and the teachers was funny.

“It broke the monotony of the day,” James said.

Most of the staff and teachers who participated in the fundraiser were proud they could help raise money for the PTSA. Some of the students said they were glad to give a dollar to smack one of their teachers with a pie.

Some students were just happy they could watch their teachers’ reactions while being hit with a pie.

“I enjoyed seeing teachers get pies thrown at them because I mean who wouldn’t want to see their teacher get smacked with a pie?” Junior Jada Ramsey said.

The fundraiser was a great success in raising money and also was just something fun to do that would relieve some stress.