By Rodriqua Briggs, News Writer

Keenan’s Student Council, including Seniors Roderica Sturrup and John Richmond, have planned the major Coming Home event from January 17-20.

“Student council is fun!” Sturrup said.

Being a part of Student Council, means students can plan all events that take place at Keenan. Student Council is what students make it, preparing the school for leadership. They work with different organizations to make plans.

You have to pay $15 to be in Student Council.

“We deal with issues of the community, school and people to prevent horrible things happening,” Sturrup said.

One major event is Coming Home. During this event, students will vote a male and female to be Coming Home Princess and Prince.

Every vote counts. The Coming Home basketball game will also cost money to enter. It will be worth students’ money to pay, to have fun and watch a major basketball game.

“Also…we have more spirit weeks coming up,” Kaitlin Fishburne, Student Council member, said.

Student Council does their all to keep the school up and going. They plan these events to keep the students from being bored. They let everyone have a say so on the topics they choose.

“Joining Student Council will be the best, and hopefully when you join it will be, too,” Richmond said.

Visit the school website in order to read more information.