By D’Montre’ Smith, Sports Writer

During the 2016-2017 season, the Keenan football team had a disappointing season, according to Mr. Harold Curnell, defense coordinator. In its travels during the season, the team came up with a 3-5 record. Also Keenan played a playoff game against Blacksburg High School but fell short to a 20-14 loss. According to the coaches, the team had flaws but had heart.

The football team had a lot of positives and negatives. According to the coaches, the team had a positive work ethic but lacked leadership. Coach Sean Gilley, head football coach, said the team was young but felt like they grew up.

“The Raider football team had a decent season but a lot of promise in the future,” Coach Damien Franklin, athletic director, said.

The team had a lot of victories that helped it make the playoffs, not including the 63-0 blowout win against C.A. Johnson High School.

“The mindset for the playoffs and effort changed when the team lost the first four games and they worked harder every week,” Coach Charles Proctor, cornerback/safety coach said.

The team practiced hard and gave it their all until the end. The team also made a comeback in the fourth quarter.

“The team bonded together, and players started to believe,” Gilley said

When fans think about football, they think about the offensive line. The coaches said they had the mindset to move the ball and toughness. They also said the offense got better as the season progressed, establishing a new quarterback for the future and new leaders.