By Keila Hernandez and Salena Webb, News Writers

Dr. Ronald R. Rhames, president of Midlands Technical College (MTC), came out to visit Keenan on November 3, 2016. He came in hopes of inspiring young students by walking around in classes to observe and speak to some as part of being Principal for a Day.

For Rhames, being president of Midlands Tech didn’t come easy; it came with hard work and dedication.

“Just because you have a disadvantage, if you work hard you can do a lot of good things,” Rhames said.

He is an MTC graduate and worked at the college for over 20 years; he graduated and has a vested interest in what the college should do.

Rhames is also a graduate of Keenan back in 1973 when schools were segregated.

“Many of the students came from the same background I did,” Rhames said.

While visiting his old high school, he got a chance to meet some of the students and teachers, one of whom was Ms. Dalphine Humphrey, guidance counselor.

They got a chance to sit down and have a conversation about the school and his busy schedule.

“I’m glad he came and that the students got a chance to meet him; it was important for them to see that you can be successful no matter what,” Humphrey said.

As Principal for a Day, Rhames got a chance to meet the principal of the school, Mr. Alvin Pressley.

They discussed recruitment for students graduating high school who want to go to Midlands Tech.

“I think he’s a very smart, intelligent man that takes his job very seriously,” Pressley said.

Pressley believes Rhames definitely did have an impact on the students, especially with the ones he got a chance to sit down with and relate to since he’s a Keenan graduate.

“My message or advice for high school students is to learn as much as you can and take advantage of being in high school because the experience will be with you for the rest of your life,” Rhames said.