Story by Lyric Swinton, News Writer, and Elizabeth Bates, Special to the Sword and Shield

The 2016 Pasta for Pennies Fundraiser has come to a close. Pasta for Pennies is an annual fundraising campaign hosted by the Keenan Student Council to raise money and awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The fundraiser lasted for exactly a month. Every teacher with a 2nd block B Day class was given a box to collect donations. The class with the most money raised would win a catered lunch from Olive Garden.

The school-wide goal was to raise $750, but the final total more than doubled that goal with
$1,621.19 raised. This was a sharp increase from last year’s collection total of $562.84. This year marked the all-time highest collection totals in Keenan history.

“I’m happy we doubled our goal,” Mrs. Deidra Pompey, Student Council Advisor, said. “This was one of our most successful campaigns. Congratulations to the winners!”

Classes that raised between $100 and $199 dollars received a Bronze flag for their efforts, classes that raised between $200 and $299 received a Silver banner, and classes that raised $300 and above received a gold banner.

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“I emphasized such a worthy cause and told them about my past students who were successful in the campaign,” Coach Dameon Franklin, second place and gold banner winner, said.

In fifth place with a Bronze banner was Ms. Jeneen Blue’s class with $177.88. Coming in fourth place with a Bronze banner was Señor Fredys Castro’s class with $184.37. Mrs. Alexandria Williams’ class came in third place with a Silver banner, raising $203.46.


The top two was very close and separated by less than two dollars. Franklin’s class came in second place with $401.30, winning a Gold banner. Mr. Charlie Richards’ class was the winner and raised $402.85, receiving a Gold banner.

“If you’re not first, you’re last,” Richards said. “Shake and bake, [in the] words of Ricky Bobby.”