By Justina Simons, Features Writer

Young Life is an organization that involves students from many schools in South Carolina. This organization has Young Life leaders who help kids grow closer to God and Jesus.

“Young Life is a faith-based organization where college students enter the high school world to grow relationships with and love them,” Ms. Courtney Wallace, Young Life leader, said. “We show up to games and other activities they commit to and support them. Young Life is very important because we want to reteach kids and build with them in hope that one day they will follow Christ.”

Young Life comes to Keenan on some Thursdays and interacts with the students after school. There have even been some times where some of the Young Life leaders would visit the students during their lunch breaks just to check in with them.

“I enjoy everyone getting a chance to just hang out and have fun together,” Senior Anthony Bradley said. “Also the way the Young Life leaders connect with us on a personal level and love us. That shows me they really do care about my wellbeing.”

Some Young Life leaders are so close to some of the students that their friendships move beyond school, and they spend time hanging out with them and just having fun.

“I really enjoy being a part of Young Life because I make so many new friends and connections with different people,” Ms. Aleya Foulks, Young Life leader, said. “Young Life even has campaigners for kids to come and be a part of on weekends; these are like Bible study meetings. This summer we will have our yearly summer camp on July 24-30 for $125; we as a unit would love for any and every one to join us.”

Young Life even gives kids a way to and from camp and other out-of-school activities. They support the kids with anything they can help with and care for them dearly.