By Nahla Muldrow, News Writer

Did you know that we have a recycling club? Well, if you didn’t know, now you do. As a part of a district-wide recycling project, Keenan has created an environmentalist club
called The Planeteers.

The project is to see which school in the district can collect the most recycling. Led by Mrs. Sahara White, Science teacher, the AP Environmental science students have made it their mission to make a difference in the environment.

“I believe we should recycle because the environment is affected by our negligence and we are responsible for it’s up keeping,” Senior Jalona Webb, Planeteers, said.

The purpose of recycling is to conserve energy, help the environment, reduce pollution, slow global warming and reduce waste products in landfills. This is where the phrase, “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” comes in. By recognizing the impact we have on the environment’s deteriorating state, we can make a difference.

“We want to save the earth one step at a time,” Senior William Cornish, Planeteer, said.

It’s also the Planeteers’ duty to make these environmental issues more known and to stress the importance of their efforts.

“The Planeteers influence the student body to be more ecofriendly and also, tell the reasons recycling is important for saving our earth,” Senior Amber Stone, Student Body President, said.

Despite the beneficial goals of this club, there have been some hiccups along the way. As a result, the Planeteers are giving up their free time in an effort to make Keenan more eco-friendly.

“To make things easier, teachers should leave recycling bins outside their doors,” Webb said. “The students should make an effort to put the appropriate things so, the process can be faster.”


The Planeteers are one of the many reforms at Keenan that will not only create a more environmentally efficient school, but community as well.