Story and Photos by Marquavius Henry-Jeter, News Writer

According to CNN International, on the evening of November 13, 2015, a series of organized terrorist attacks caused by ISIS occurred in Paris. It was reported that suicide bombers and mass shootings struck in cafés, restaurants, and music venues near central Paris.

Rumors spread, saying nearly 130 people were deceased; attackers took hostages before a shooting with police occurred. According to CNN International, the attackers died while police continued to search for more terrorists.

CNN International also noted that ever since the terrorist attacks, France had been on high alert to increase security for terrorism and for the sake of their people’s lives while President of France, François Hollande, discuss how they will respond and handle their situation at the 2016 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

“I believe that I.S.I.S. wanted to prove that they were still strong after the U.S. kept defeating them and to force European countries that are allied with U.S. to withdraw from them too,” Ms. Charu Bakshi, mathematics teacher, said.

NBC News says ISIS’s only goal is to have a global caliphate, a religious successor to the Islamic prophet and a leader of the entire Muslim community, to secure a global war against their enemies. According to NBC News, all ISIS wants is to “remain and expand,” as it is already controlling much of Iraq and Syria. The terrorist group actually wants to direct Muslims to a catastrophic war against the so called non-believers, which are Europe and America.

“I believe that they want what everybody else wants, which is to be recognized and power,” Mr. Kareem Beckett, science teacher, said.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump thinks that in order to stop ISIS, all Muslims must be sent back to where they belong, which is Iraq, and restrict them from entering America’s surface forever. Other Candidates disagree with him, saying it is a total disgrace for someone to even think such a thing.

“The ISIS attacks get [the] U.S. curious about them and will force all of them out of their homeland,” Ms. Brenda Boyd, media specialist, said.

New York Times listed some very vital information on all of ISIS recent activities leading up to the Paris attack:

  • France has a larger Muslim population than the U.S.; ISIS is already planning to execute attacks in the U.S.
  • Individuals in the United States interacting with ISIS have been suspected of siding with them and will be arrested immediately.
  • Approximately 250 individuals from the U.S. have already allied with or tried to join ISIS.
  • ISIS is convincing people of the U.S. to join them more than Al Qaeda is.
  • Ali Shukri Amin, a Virginia ISIS teenager behind the Pro-Islamic State, was sent to prison for 11 years for supporting ISIS.

“Killing ISIS requires neither more nor less than waging war—not as the former administration waged its ‘war on terror’ ” Mr. James McLawhorn, social studies teacher, said. “Nor by the current administration’s pinpricks, nor according to the too-clever-by-half stratagems taught in today’s politically correct military war colleges, but rather by war in the dictionary meaning of the word. To make war is to kill the spirit as well as the body of the enemy, so terribly as to make sure that it will not rise again, and that nobody will want to imitate it, but if we can’t do that then we should try to change their hearts (in an emotional way), because if you bomb them now including innocent families, they’re just gonna come right back to do more damage and finish the job. That’s why I believe that we as a country and nation should try to work something out with them that will please all countries.”

Fox News claimed the Islamic State wants to be taken more seriously because its provocative plans define strength and power. Its dependent activities and hate for other countries can strike a lot of humongous blows. Also, ISIS can and will strike at any time, which is why U.S. needs to take action unexpectedly.

Fox News also noted the longer the Islamic State survives, the stronger, smarter, and powerful they will get, and more American lives will be lost. Either the U.S. takes or works something out with ISIS, or innocent citizens will deserve the defeat of America from their long, fearless rival ISIS.