Story by Justina Simons, News Writer

The class of 2020 should be rolling into Keenan soon. All incoming freshman should be getting ready for this upcoming August by getting physically and mentally prepared for their high school experience.

The class of 2020 visited Keenan earlier this semester. File photo.

“Do your best and remember where you came from,” Mrs. Annestaia Scott, secretary at W.G Sanders, said. “Expect greatness and never believe you can’t do it, stay focused and confident.”

Many of Keenan’s freshman come from Sanders, and they are excited because of the tour they attended recently.

Many incoming freshman might be afraid to attend high school because of its difficulty level, but even though it is different from middle school, there are faculty and staff here to help them in any way they can.

Mr. Sean Glover, Assistant Principal, speaks to the Class of 2020. File photo.

“My advice for the incoming freshman is to never slack off and to complete all work on time,” Senior Kenneth Dunbar said. “As long as you do what you are supposed to, you will get what you need, and it will pay off later as you go through your high school years.”

The teachers and staff are here for the students’ knowledge and for their learning. If students are here to do what is asked of them and have the upmost respect for your Raider community, then they will have a great start to the great year and even more afterwards.

“Discipline is the first step to a great start in high school,” Mrs. Catina Garner, Math Teacher, said. “Nevertheless, you should always try your best, and if you don’t succeed the first time, try again.”

The teachers are supporters, and they will guide students in the right direction. Even in later years as they close up this chapter in their life, as long as they have been respectful and caring to them, the teachers will continue to help them along the way.

The eighth grade students from W.G Sanders Middle school toured Keenan. File photo.

“Try not to change the way you are,” Mrs. Archias Forbes, Chorus Teacher, said. “Make sure to get involved and follow the instructions and directions given the first time and your first year will be a breeze.”