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March 10, 2016

What Incoming freshman should expect from their first high school year

Story by Justina Simons, News Writer

The class of 2020 should be rolling into Keenan soon. All incoming freshman should be getting ready for this upcoming August by getting physically and mentally prepared for their high school experience.

The class of 2020 visited Keenan earlier this semester. File photo.

“Do your best and remember where you came from,” Mrs. Annestaia Scott, secretary at W.G Sanders, said. “Expect greatness and never believe you can’t do it, stay focused and confident.” Continue reading “What Incoming freshman should expect from their first high school year”

Bullington wins Solve for Tomorrow (Samsung)

Engineering students and Robotics Team members come together to make a new app to help people better their health. Photo by Jada Bouknight, Special to the Sword and Shield.

By Breayanna Gibson, News Writer

Mrs. Kirstin Bullington, Science and Engineering teacher, has won the Solve for Tomorrow (Samsung) contest. She was announced the winner December 9, 2015.

How does Bullington feel that she has won the Solve for Tomorrow?

“It’s a great honor,” Bullington said. “Engineering and science students are working hard. It’s great that a company recognized us.” Continue reading “Bullington wins Solve for Tomorrow (Samsung)”

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