By Damien Hipps, News Writer

According to Lucy Rodgers, David Gritten, James Offer and Patrick Asare from BBC News, “The migrant crisis started in March in 2011 the southern city of Deraa when a pro-democracy protest was going on about the torture of some teenagers who painted revolutionary slogans on a school`s walls. Security forces opened fire on demonstrators, after several people was killed, more took to the streets.”

There was nationwide unrest demanding President Assad`s removal. The government used force to settle down, which hardened the protesters to disband. The protesters fought furiously to protect themselves and get rid of Assad`s security forces in local surroundings.

The violence escalated, and the country fell to civil war. This led to a group called the Free Syrian Army to be formed.

More than 250,000 Syrians have died in the conflict.

The Rebels and the rise of the jihadists sent the country into more chaos with the population leaving in thousands to millions to European countries. Wars have been ravaging the Middle Eastern countries, including the Islamic State and other jihadists groups fighting for control over the middle regions trying to topple Assad, the President of Syria.

This leads many people to become Refugees as they flee from the war-torn country that they call home. Most refugees embark on European asylum, risking their lives trying to find a better home.

The main country that has been getting heavy flak from the UN is the Czech Republic. When it comes down to human rights, they have been blamed for stripping migrants naked to take their money to pay for their imprisonment.

According to UN Human the Rights Chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein in a statement, “International law is quite clear about detention on immigrants saying it’s the last resort.”

According to Samuel Oakford from Vice News, “UN officials, say migrants were being regularly strip-searched in order to seize the roughly $10 per day, as they are charged against their will.”

This might be tied to racism towards the migrants or “simply racism using power in order to basically hav[e] power to use your bigotry; in other words, people in Czech Republic saying they don’t want immigrants,” Mr. James McLawhorn, social studies teacher, said.

The migrants have suffered already by traveling to that European country and have lost everything, including family and money. Some women have been sexual abused trying to find safety. The immigration system of Europe can’t handle the surge of immigrants with a thousand to millions crossing the channel to Europe in a short time.

“They are detaining these people because they just can’t eat food for free, or [be] jailed for free [or] housed for free; [ultimately] they owe us this money, so [it] optimally boils down to they feel that they have to charge them something because they [are] using the country[‘s] resource[s] and entered the country illegally. What they saying is…they don’t have the money to [take] care [of] the immigrants,” McLawhorn said.

The U.S. is taking in 10,000 immigrants from the European side, trying to relieve the pressure of the European borders but President Barack Obama has been taking criticism from Peter T. King, Republican of New York, saying “Our enemy now is Islamic terrorism, and these people are coming from a country filled with Islamic terrorists,” in the article “Obama Increase Number of Syrian Refugees for U.S. Resettlement to 10,000” by Gardiner Harris, David E. Sanger and David M. Herszenhorn.

Could America face the same situation if it ever happened?

“In America, we are little different, being in [a] country…built on the whole notion [of the] American dream [of] immigrants coming here to find a better way of life; situation[s are] a little different for the most part dealing with immigrant issues like with Donald Trump and [a lot of] people who [are] anti-immigrant,” McLawhorn said. “A lot of the issues [are] geared toward…people from Latin America like Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, [and] places of that nature…come in [and] do farming and agriculture…they do their job[s]; some will stay, some go back [and] some send money. I don’t think we will ever get to that point in [the] United States simply because, like I said, [our] country welcome[s] immigrants.”

As days go by, the number of Syrian refugee increases, and the number of the dead increases. Some of the children didn’t get the chance to live on, including a little boy named Alyan Kurdi, who drowned attempting to reach the Greek islands; he died at three-years-old. Including his five-year-old-brother, his family died the same way, according to Patrick Cockburn from Independent.

The migrant crisis is still going on, and people have ignored the civil war that has been ignored by the people who once cared.