By Jada Cochran, Features Writer

A lack of school spirit has been a major problem at Keenan for years, students seem to only have school spirit on Homecoming, Coming Home weeks, and other days we have major activities going on around school.

On December 3, 2015, 9-12 graders met with the District chair to discuss things happening around school. Some said the dress code is too strict and students don’t like Keenan. These are reasons that could contribute to the lack of spirit.

“We should have more school wide activities and incentives,” Freshman Reese Bacote said.

Student Council students beg to differ on the subject of students not having school spirit. They believe the more you are involved in activities, the more spirit you have.

“We have school spirit; it just comes from certain people,” Junior Gabby Washington, Junior Class Vice President, said.

January 25-29 was Coming Home Spirit Week. Students participated in each day and seemed to have spirit throughout the week, but there seemed to be a lack of students attending the Coming Home Game on Friday, which was unusual for a Spirit Week game.

“The team we played—students knew it was going to be a blow out, but there still should have been students there to support our team,” Junior Dejah Williams, Student Council member, said.

If students’ surroundings are negative, it affects their attitude and motivation towards school activities and programs. So in a nutshell, low motivation equals low school spirit.