By Nahla Muldrow, News Writer

An open- or off-campus policy allows select or all students to leave campus during the lunch period to purchase or consume food and beverages. The sole purpose of school is to prepare students for the responsibilities of the real world. This policy could ensure just that.

“There isn’t any good food here,” Senior Jada Jackson said. “We deserve better food options, and this policy will give students more freedom to have them.”

Students at Keenan are extremely limited when it comes to choices and privileges regarding lunch. Seniors are dismissed five minutes early for lunch, yet they aren’t allowed the opportunity to eat outside of school.

“I support an open-campus lunch policy because we’ll have a variety of places to eat from,” Senior Thurman Trapp said. “Instead, we’re stuck eating the same things offered at school.”

Open-campus lunch policies offer more life lessons then the typical decision making required to choose what to eat. It assures an overall sense of responsibility, independence and self-governing. However, there might be some safety issues.

“Parents expect for their kids to be at school and if they’re leaving, then there’s a higher risk of them getting into accidents,” Officer Clarence Black, School Resource Officer, said.

There are some schools, like Amos P. Godby high school in Tallahassee, Florida, that have found a way to effectively use the open-campus lunch policy.

“Driving seniors and juniors would carpool to get food during lunch hours,” Senior William Cornish, a former student of Amos P. Godby, said. “Students with no disciplinary referrals were given passes to show to officers standing at the gate before they left and when they returned.”

Could an open-campus lunch be a new addition to the schools regulations? Only the future may tell.