By Kynda Beckett, Deborah Bishop, Shaunté Davis, and Sir’Narria Scott, Contributing Reporters

The Keenan publication staff has been working on promoting the school’s core values in their newspaper for the 2015-2016school year. The mission statement of Keenan is used to inspire students through the use of a rigorous curriculum, cutting-edge technology, strong partnerships, a diverse community, and turning its students into first-class students that contribute to present and future occurrences.

Keenan encourages students to do their best by using a rigorous curriculum that both engages the students in and out of the classroom with the use of recently distributed Digital Learning Environment (DLE laptops). To ensure the curriculum is helping the student body, the publication staff will report curriculum changes, student opinion and curriculum improvements.

With the cutting-edge technology that Richland County School District One provides, students are able to learn at a more advanced level and pace. The publication staff will report the latest news on what is happening with current technology and any announcements having to do with technology.

Partnerships are an essential part of the success rate of Keenan’s student body. To increase partnerships, the school’s newspaper staff could work to gain information for the newspaper as well as connecting with the community to gain sponsors.

Work is defined by surrounding communities and environments. The characteristics, needs, wants and promises of the students and families Keenan serves is defined by its work. The newspaper staff will promote the tolerance and acceptance of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, personas through promotions and everyday occurrences.

The partners of the school help educate students by providing funds and materials so that students can get an even better education. The school’s publication staff will promote its students by identifying student’s strengths and weaknesses as a whole. This works towards the potential of first-class citizens and students.

Through the newspaper, Keenan will connect with partners, promote school awareness, contribute to its first-class citizens and endorse the core values that make up the heart and soul of Keenan.