Left to right: Mr. Alvin Pressley, principal, and Ellis discuss a long day of hard work. Photo by Breayanna Gibson, Staff Photographer.
Left to right: Coach Charles Proctor, campus monitor, and Ms. Ellis wrap up a long day of work. Photo by Breayanna Gibson, Staff Photographer.

By Shaunt’e Davis and Kiara Thomas, News Writers

Ms. Lasenta Lewis-Ellis, graduate of Keenan class of ’89, revisited the Raider Cove as Principal for the Day on December 7.

Her duties included classroom observations, hallway monitoring and more.

“It felt great being a graduate of Keenan, and being able to see the progress over time just feels really amazing,” Ellis said.

Pleased with her high school’s progress, Ellis would like to add an entrepreneurship class to the school’s list of related arts classes. The class would be for future entrepreneurs only.

To ensure that she stuck to her principal duties, Ellis shadowed administrators and the current principal, Mr. Alvin Pressley. Mr. Ron Webb, assistant principal, stated he was glad she got a chance to visit because she got to see what people assume principals and administrators do.

Pressley agreed.

“She really cares about kids, and she enjoys them,” he said. “Enjoying kids plays a major role in being a principal,”

As Ellis did class observations, she took notes and asked the students questions. Even though she was observing the students and the teachers, they were also observing her.

“Ms. Ellis would be an awesome principal,” Mr. Kareem Beckett, engineering teacher, said. “She was very interactive and interested in the technology in the classroom.”

To end her day, Ms. Ellis monitored the bus loop, where the children loaded the buses.

Left to right: Seniors Jada Cochran, Amber Stone, Jana Praileau, and Junior Roderica Sturrup, student council members, along with Mrs. Ellis enjoy lunch. Photo by Kiara Thomas, Staff Photographer.
Left to right: Conversation between Ellis and Cheryl O’Dell, principal’s secretary, confirms Ellis enjoyed her day. Photo by Breayanna Gibson, Staff Photographer.