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February 8, 2016

Keenan publication staff promotes core values

By Kynda Beckett, Deborah Bishop, Shaunté Davis, and Sir’Narria Scott, Contributing Reporters

The Keenan publication staff has been working on promoting the school’s core values in their newspaper for the 2015-2016school year. The mission statement of Keenan is used to inspire students through the use of a rigorous curriculum, cutting-edge technology, strong partnerships, a diverse community, and turning its students into first-class students that contribute to present and future occurrences. Continue reading “Keenan publication staff promotes core values”

Ellis goes back to Keenan

Left to right: Mr. Alvin Pressley, principal, and Ellis discuss a long day of hard work. Photo by Breayanna Gibson, Staff Photographer.
Left to right: Coach Charles Proctor, campus monitor, and Ms. Ellis wrap up a long day of work. Photo by Breayanna Gibson, Staff Photographer.

By Shaunt’e Davis and Kiara Thomas, News Writers

Ms. Lasenta Lewis-Ellis, graduate of Keenan class of ’89, revisited the Raider Cove as Principal for the Day on December 7.

Her duties included classroom observations, hallway monitoring and more.

“It felt great being a graduate of Keenan, and being able to see the progress over time just feels really amazing,” Ellis said. Continue reading “Ellis goes back to Keenan”

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