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February 2016

Juniors take a shot at crown

By Kyandra Simmons, News Writer

The week of January 25-29 was Keenan’s Coming Home week; it was an exciting week for students.  Fun lunch activities, lots of campaigning, candy and snacks and the pep rally that the Student Council put together with the help of Mrs. Deidra Pompey, Student Council Sponsor.

The theme for the week was “The Mixtape.” Each day of the week had its own song title. Monday was “Look at my Dab,” where students showed their stylish sides by dressing to Continue reading “Juniors take a shot at crown”


By Quintrell Wright, Sports Writer

Keenan made history last season by defeating Pelion High School for the region title and trophy. Over half of last season’s team advanced to the Upper State Championship.

“It really was a great season to remember,” Coach Charles Proctor, head coach, said. “I’ve never seen a team full of talented athletes.”

Senior Quintrell Wright, who is number five in the region, looks forward to this season as he Continue reading “KEENAN TRACK TEAM LOOKING FOR RINGS”

Lack of school spirit?

By Jada Cochran, Features Writer

A lack of school spirit has been a major problem at Keenan for years, students seem to only have school spirit on Homecoming, Coming Home weeks, and other days we have major activities going on around school.

On December 3, 2015, 9-12 graders met with the District chair to discuss things happening around school. Some said the dress code is too strict and students don’t like Keenan. These Continue reading “Lack of school spirit?”

Migrant crisis continues

By Damien Hipps, News Writer

According to Lucy Rodgers, David Gritten, James Offer and Patrick Asare from BBC News, “The migrant crisis started in March in 2011 the southern city of Deraa when a pro-democracy protest was going on about the torture of some teenagers who painted revolutionary slogans on a school`s walls. Security forces opened fire on demonstrators, after several people was killed, more took to the streets.”

Continue reading “Migrant crisis continues”

Soccer team has high expectations for this season

Story and photos by Justina Simons, Sports Writer

The soccer season has officially begun. Soccer try outs were held on February 1-5. The team is very confident they will do well with so many returning players and new players.

“I believe we will have a good season because of all of the returning players and even all of the freshman that are excited to participate,” Head Coach Pablo Rivera said. “Every year we win more games because we continue to gain more players with a passion to play.” Continue reading “Soccer team has high expectations for this season”

Dining in or carrying out?

By Nahla Muldrow, News Writer

An open- or off-campus policy allows select or all students to leave campus during the lunch period to purchase or consume food and beverages. The sole purpose of school is to prepare students for the responsibilities of the real world. This policy could ensure just that.

“There isn’t any good food here,” Senior Jada Jackson said. “We deserve better food options, and this policy will give students more freedom to have them.” Continue reading “Dining in or carrying out?”

Keenan publication staff promotes core values

By Kynda Beckett, Deborah Bishop, Shaunté Davis, and Sir’Narria Scott, Contributing Reporters

The Keenan publication staff has been working on promoting the school’s core values in their newspaper for the 2015-2016school year. The mission statement of Keenan is used to inspire students through the use of a rigorous curriculum, cutting-edge technology, strong partnerships, a diverse community, and turning its students into first-class students that contribute to present and future occurrences. Continue reading “Keenan publication staff promotes core values”

Ellis goes back to Keenan

Left to right: Mr. Alvin Pressley, principal, and Ellis discuss a long day of hard work. Photo by Breayanna Gibson, Staff Photographer.
Left to right: Coach Charles Proctor, campus monitor, and Ms. Ellis wrap up a long day of work. Photo by Breayanna Gibson, Staff Photographer.

By Shaunt’e Davis and Kiara Thomas, News Writers

Ms. Lasenta Lewis-Ellis, graduate of Keenan class of ’89, revisited the Raider Cove as Principal for the Day on December 7.

Her duties included classroom observations, hallway monitoring and more.

“It felt great being a graduate of Keenan, and being able to see the progress over time just feels really amazing,” Ellis said. Continue reading “Ellis goes back to Keenan”

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