Story and Photos by Justina Simons, News Writer

Mrs. Michelle Obama, First Lady, called for a junk food ban on all schools around the nation. None of the schools in the nation can sell junk food items in their canteens or vending machines. All schools that do will be fined.

“I do believe a lot of people are upset by this change, but mostly just students,” Coach Dameon Franklin, Athletic Director, who is in charge of the canteen, said. “Students nor teachers won’t change the way they eat because they could just bring these foods with them to school. But we will provide healthy alternatives.”

The canteen stopped selling junk food items, but recently Chick-fil-A sandwiches were being sold.

Many students bring their own junk food from home and continue to eat the same foods. Placing this restriction on schools has cost them a lot of money.

“It was pointless to take out those foods because the students enjoyed them,” Senior Thurman Trapp said. “People are upset, and the school lost a lot of money. No alternative that they offer will be as good as the original.”

This ordeal is a major issue to the school and its students. The school suffers money loss, and the students are upset that their favorite snacks will no longer be available to them. Some individuals are happy about what Obama has done, though.

“I feel good about the foods being removed from the schools because it helps the kids to eat more nutritional foods,” Ms. Doris Capers, Cafeteria Worker, said. “I believe that a lot of kids are upset but are adjusting. Some students may change their eating habits and some may not, but I do feel like it is a good change.”

Even though schools and students are both outraged and disappointed, this is a change to create a healthier future. It may be difficult for people to get used to the change, but most believe everyone will adjust.

The cafeteria canteen was an alternative location where junk food was sold before the ban.