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January 2016

Junk food ban hurting schools, students

Story and Photos by Justina Simons, News Writer

Mrs. Michelle Obama, First Lady, called for a junk food ban on all schools around the nation. None of the schools in the nation can sell junk food items in their canteens or vending machines. All schools that do will be fined.

“I do believe a lot of people are upset by this change, but mostly just students,” Coach Dameon Franklin, Athletic Director, who is in charge of the canteen, said. “Students nor teachers won’t Continue reading “Junk food ban hurting schools, students”

Contestants take stage for their try at crown

By Kyandra Simmons, News Writer

The Keenan Scholarship Pageant was held on January 10. The pageant was hosted by Mrs. Stephanie Jenkins, Junior class sponsor and dance teacher, and set up by Mrs. Archias Forbes, Chorus teacher, and many workers and students. The qualifications to participate in the pageant were a 2.0 GPA, $200 in funds raised and no infractions. The theme of this year’s pageant was the Wizard of Oz.

Continue reading “Contestants take stage for their try at crown”

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