By Nahla Muldrow, News Writer

Financial aid, grants, student loans, scholarships, college saving funds; the main focus is not so much applying for colleges but affording them. Graduating high school students of today are faced with this growing national issue.

As the demand for higher education increases, so does college tuition. It’s becoming harder
and harder for students and their families to afford to go to such costly institutions. This fact has left students anxious and on edge about taking on education debts that could take a lifetime to pay off.

“Yes, I plan to apply for scholarships because I refuse to pay student loans, and I’m broke,” Senior Jalona Webb said.

The question as to whether college is really worth it hangs in the balance. For this reason, it is becoming more necessary to find ways to pay for college rather than missing out altogether.

“Scholarships are really important for those that don’t have thousands of dollars to pay out of pocket,” Senior Breonia Lee said.

There are many efforts by clubs that sponsor scholarships to help Raiders further succeed in their college endeavors.

“We expose robotic students to scholarships opportunities,” Mr. Kareem Beckett, science and engineering teacher, said. “Several of our partners offer scholarships to STEM students and those that participate in STEM engineering competitions.”

The school also provides access to information on local and national scholarships that students could potentially apply for. To access this information, visit the school website at and click on “Raider Scholarships” under the Guidance tab.