By Breayanna Gibson, News Writer

Why should we have an ID policy? Is it that important to wear your ID?

Do we have to wear ID’s?

“It’s not a choice of wearing your ID, but it’s a choice of being safe, and often times we have people in the building that may not know you,” Mr. Sean Glover, Assistant Principal, said.

How can somebody identify you without wearing your ID? You should put your ID on as soon as you step foot on campus.

What is the meaning of the ID Policy?

“The policy itself is put in place as a safety place,” Glover said. “Many tragedies have happened. For example, the Colorado shooting. If something was to happen, Lord forbid, that lets us know and get identification of who the students or administration were.”

Which is true—we wouldn’t want anything like that situation to break out.

Do you like wearing ID’s?

“No, I don’t; there is no purpose of them,” Junior Maria Easaw said.

How many temporary ID’s are given out each week or day?

“I say about 16 a day so about 80 each week,” Mrs. Betty Gortman, In-School Suspension (ISS) Supervisor, said.

Gortman thinks that is too many IDs given out each day. These IDs will not help identify students if somebody were to come in the school.