By Ka’Mya Gibbons, News Writer

At the end of the year, student athletes have an award ceremony at the athletic banquet. They receive their awards and get recognized for working hard and participating in a sport.
“I got MVP and all region; I was very ecstatic and also grateful,” Junior Day-sha Stewart, softball pitcher, said.

Students worked very hard this seasons in all sports, but many students didn’t get an award.

“No I didn’t get an award, and I felt as if I should’ve gotten an award because I worked really hard for it; I was very disappointed,” Junior Jaelen Crewell, baseball pitcher, said.

The students who didn’t get a baseball award were very upset and felt as if their hard work didn’t get noticed.
“I felt as if I should’ve gotten [a] coaches award because I worked really hard this season; I practice[d] in rain, sleet and the hot sun, throughout the cold, I stayed dedicated no matter what, so I felt that I should’ve gotten an award,” Junior Jalon Wilson, football wide receiver, said.

Many people didn’t come to the banquet and couldn’t receive their award until the end of the year.

“I was really happy that I got [a] coaches award; I deserve it. [I] worked so hard, and all my hard work paid off. I can’t wait for next season,” Sophomore Lillian Kelley, softball catcher, said.

The young athletes were still grateful they received certificates, some left upset, and some left happy. The banquet was a big success.