By David Brown, Features Writer

The first Foamposite one that was ever released was the royal blue foams with the icy bottom, released in 1997.

Eighteen years later the golden Foamposites are released. They were a much hyped release, and many people wanted to get them.

“I love the golden Foamposites and how the icy bottom is a darker tint,” Sophomore Henry Taylor of Westwood High School said.

The Nike Air Foamposite One is dressed in a black upper with a metallic gold foam shell overlay, also topped off with black carbon fiber.

“I’ve had many Foamposites in the past, but I can tell that Nike is improving a lot of its material on the Foamposites,” Mr. David Davis said.

This shoe is produced by Nike for Penny Hardaway. Penny Hardaway played for the Orlando Magic’s from 1993 to 1999.

“I love all Foamposites but I think these are the best Nike Foamposites that’s released this year,” Mr. Stacy Davis said.