By DeNia Epps, Editorial Writer

Students at Keenan are trying to reinforce the use of cell phones during Silent Sustained Reading (SSR).

The books students are able to read are limited, and by using the phones the selection could be expanded.

A few teachers agree.

“Yes, I do think students should be able to use cell phones during Drop Everything and Read (DEAR), because my books are on I-Books, so I would condone the usage,” Ms. Tawanna Thomas, special education teacher, said. “As long as they can prove it.”

But not everyone was on the same page about changing the use of cell phones.

“No, I do not think students should use cell phones during reading because they get on other sites such as Instagram,” Ms. Ashley Horton, science teacher, said. “It is a distraction.”

There definitely is a lot of controversy concerning the use of phones during DEAR. Most teachers are worried about the students taking advantage of the privilege.

The cell phone policy was not always like this. At one point in time students were actually able to read books on their phones.

The students didn’t understand exactly why the reading policy changed.

“Any time an electronic device is used for learning purposes, it has to be put on the teachers plan,” Mr. Sean Glover, assistant principal, said.

Even though the policy is stricter as of now, that does not mean it won’t change.

“As we progress, the Digital Learning Environment (DLE) things could change,” Glover said.