By Thurman Trapp, Sports Writer

After coming up short last season the Lady Raiders look to show resistance and make a comeback for the 2015 season. After star player Junior Day-sha Stewart was injured last season, the team was short a pitcher and had to regroup.

The Lady Raiders had a record of 3-7 last season.

Coach Clarence Black has specific things in mind his team needs to do to win the state championship.

“[I want to] have players to play year round, and [I] need some of the players to play travel ball,” Black said.

The Lady Raiders are really working hard this year to achieve their goals. They’re focusing on the technical things in order to be successful.

“[We hope] just to make it to the playoffs and to expect to have the team that is capable of doing it,” Black said.

There are many things softball players think they should improve to be the best softball players they can be.

“Playing softball is 90% mental and 10% physical, so focusing on my game and paying attention to my coaches—that’s how I would be the best I can be,” Junior Breada Andrews said.

So being the most physical in softball doesn’t really make a softball player great; it is mostly mental.

“Things I could’ve improve[d were] my attitude and to be more aggressive,” Senior Catherine McCray said.

Many workouts are needed to prepare softball players for the season.

“[We did] weight lifting and running for strength and speed,” Andrews said.

Andrews looks to get stronger than last year.

“The exercise or workout I need to prepare myself for the softball season was to exercise more,” McCray said.