By Trent Collins, News Writer

Grandparent’s Day is a day that we celebrate grandparents. People celebrate Grandparents day by giving them gifts, taking them out to eat and spending time with them. A lot of people didn’t know that Grandparent’s Day even exists, but it does. Grandparent’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday, September 13.

Grandparents teach life lessons, and tells stories that their grandparents have told them.

“I have three out of four of my grandparents living, and they’re doing well,” Mrs. Catina Garner, math teacher, said.

We love our grandparents because of the good things they did and provided for us.

“What I love about my grandfather is his kindred spirit,” Ms. Jeneen Blue, math teacher, said.

Most people do not celebrate Grandparent’s Day.

“I do not celebrate Grandparent’s Day,” Blue said. “However, when I go home, I make sure to visit my grandfather. I always ask my parents about him [when I’m not home] to make sure he’s doing okay.”

Being a grandparent is the best thing anybody could ask for.

“[It] Is being able to correct the mistakes that you made in raising your own children,” Major Walter Savage, JROTC Instructor, said.