By David Brown, Features Writer

The Jordan 10 Double Nickels were released on March 28, 2015. The shoes’ color way is White/Black–True Red; the shoes are also remastered, for the retail price of $190.

The Jordan 10s are an amazing shoe in the Jordan Collection. Personally I am a fan of the 10’s, but it’s not my favorite Air Jordan Retro.

“The shoes are a very fresh pair of sneakers, but you would want to have a nice outfit to wear with them,” Sophomore Zaki Davis said.

The reason they are called the Double Nickels is Jordan was unstoppable as he erupted for 55 points on March 29, 1995. And he capped off his brilliant performance by setting up center Bill Wennington for a dunk that gave Chicago a last-second victory.

“I like the way they remastered the sneakers, and the color way is clean on the kicks,” Senior Jose Alicea said.

There is another Jordan 10 that is very similar to the Double Nickel 10s, which is called the Chicago 10s. They have the exact same color way; the only difference between the shoes is that the Chicago 10s don’t have the 45 on them.

“I love the new leather they applied to the shoe, and I also like the way the colors look,” Sophomore Christopher Thomas, who attends Dutch Fork High School, said.

He also purchased the Air Jordan Retro 10s on March 28.