Story and Photo by Tiski Gray, Features writer   

With more new teachers at Keenan, Mrs. Tra’neisha Mumford, a social studies teacher, is under the spotlight. Mumford has one year of background teaching high school students. She attended the University of South Carolina for undergraduate and graduate.

“I enjoy teaching; I have an intriguing passion for it, teaching the young generation,” Mumford said.

Mumford is happily married to her husband, Praveen, and they have one child, Ahditya. She is a family woman who consistently spends time with them.


“She is an energetic teacher [and] helps the students a lot with her teaching,” Rona Stuart, Department chairperson said.

Mumford loves reading in her spare time. As Mumford increases her knowledge, she disperses knowledge in the classroom, which really helps her stay on top of her game.

“She is a great contribution to the Keenan staff [and] brings forth great interaction with the students,” Dr. Veronica Scott, assistant principal for curriculum and instruction, said.

Mumford’s favorite period in history is Nationalism (1817 to 1825) and all of the independence movements (approximately late 18th and early 19th centuries). She enjoys the history of America and teaches it to brighten the minds of the young generation.