Story and Photo by Brenda Carson, Features Writer

Mrs. Chura Bakshi, one of Keenan’s new teachers, talks about her experiences here at Keenan and also in India. Bakshi has taught eight years here and seven in India. She was elected from an organization that promotes foreign teachers here in the U.S.

“I feel welcomed here,” Mrs. Chura Bakshi, of India, and one of Keenan’s new teachers, said.

Bakshi was selected from an organization that recruits foreign teachers to teach here in the United States.  Bakshi taught eight years here in the U.S and seven in India.

“She is a good teacher,” Junior Brandon Carson said.

According to her students, she makes learning exciting and teaches for everyone.

While adjusting to the American lifestyle, Bakshi is open to different aspects of cultures in the U.S.

“Though I am Hindu, I am open to every religion,” Bakshi said.

Bakshi visits local churches to gain experience and learn more about them.

She came here with her two daughters (ages seven and 12) and her husband from the capital of India, New Delhi, leaving her other family behind.

“Even though she teaches me math, I also get to learn about the culture and different aspects of India,” Junior Kion Robinson said.

Bakshi’s students learn about India’s religion, foods and symbols like the bindi, a small jewel worn in the middle of the forehead by many Indian women.  The bindi symbolized marriage or the god the woman worships.  Today it is commonly worn as a simple fashion statement.

Bakshi plans to visit India sometime this summer.