By Ka’mya Gibbons, Sports Writer

Keenan’s softball team has made history. The team haves made it to the playoffs and has made it further than ever before. Keenan’s softball team hasn’t made it to the playoffs since 1980.

“I feel accomplished because this the first time Keenan softball has actually made it this far to the playoffs; we’ve worked really hard to make it this far,” Junior Gloria White, second basemen, said.

The team practiced every day from 4:20 till 6:30; and they would go over the plays at least 30 times; the first thing they do when they practice is throw and catch drills, then they go over the plays and then sometimes play a game against their Junior Varsity team.

“I pitch at least 100 fast balls at practice each day; the team really relies on the pitcher, so I practice hard as if I was in a real live game,” Junior Day-sha Stewart, pitcher, said. “I focus hard and have no worries because I have my teammates behind me to back me up; all I have to do is give the batter something to hit.”

When the team practices, they act as if they are playing in the game with people cheering on the pitcher, everyone backing each other up in the in field and/or the outfield as well and everybody running bases at full speed and hitting the ball within swing level.

“Everybody is to be down and ready, and everything we do affects how we play; softball is 90% mental,” Coach Keyshia Stewart said. “When you miss a ball, you hustle to it, and everybody should be backing each other up at all times; I’m proud of how far we came even though we have lost, we made history. And we will be ready for next year.”