By Trent Collins, News Writer

Well, the time has come; it’s finally here. YES, GRADUATION. Graduation is less than a month away, so it’s time to step up to the plate. Everyone is excited about graduating, including myself. Graduation is a HUGE day for everybody: students, teachers, parents, and family members. In order to graduate with a diploma, you must make sure your grades are in order.

Students’ grades must be on the right path because they have to pass their classes they need in order to graduate.

“Most seniors are failing because of either attendance (not in class enough to understand the curriculum); they are not studying at home and not turning in assignments,” Mr. Pablo Rivera, Social Studies teacher, said. “Students procrastinate until the end of the semester and try to catch up on work that was due weeks before.”

Some parents don’t encourage the students to study at home. Because they are busy, they don’t provide learning equipment or even check to see if the student have homework, or even ask them how are their grades.

“It’s easy to keep up than it is to catch up,” Ms.Dalphine Humphrey, Director of Guidance, said.

Students should always get advice about what they should do to stop failing. It’s good to receive advice from the principal.

“The advice I would give any students that is failing is: Make certain you are attending class, and paying attention while in class, complete all assignments, study for tests, take advantage of tutoring opportunities when you are having difficulty and ask questions when you do not understand,” Mr. Alvin Pressley, Principal, said.