How you ever wonder how many referrals Keenan had from August to December?

By Daron Bryant, News Writer

Have you ever wondered how many referrals Keenan had from August to December?

Ms. Henrietta Montgomery, Dean of Students, keeps track of referrals recorded from August to December.

“I don’t know if we could tell that to the public (Keenan students),” Montgomery said.

So do Positive Behavior Incentive and Support (PBIS) and Caught Being Blue help keep or encourage students to get fewer referrals?

“Both PBIS and Caught Being Blue have some type of effect on the referrals I have received this year,” Montgomery said

Caught Being Blue is when you’re doing something positive and someone caught you doing it. PBIS Sponsors the store where we spend our Raider Bucks.

Raider Bucks are little bucks we get from doing well in our teachers’ classes, such as completing homework, passing a test with a high score or the highest average in your class. But does that help keep referrals lower?

“I have not seen the effects of Raider Bucks on discipline at Keenan, although they can be a positive effect to cause a decline in negative student behavior,” Montgomery said.

Keeping referrals low is something good for schools, so how would students in school keep referral low?

“A…decrease occurs when students have learned the exceptions and rules of the district, the school and the teachers,” Montgomery said.

Freshman Tariq Bethel said he doesn’t think freshman increased the referrals for this year, but Mrs. Betty Gortman, in-school suspension (ISS) supervisor, has a different opinion.

“I think they have decrease[d] because upperclass[men] has a lot of referrals,” Gortman said.