Are IDs taking over Keenan?

Story and photos by Roderica Sturrup, Opinion Writer

Keenan has an enforced an ID policy that says all IDs must be visible at all times. Students
must have a valid ID at all times throughout the day. Anyone who doesn’t have an ID will be sent to ISS for the remainder of the day.

Teachers are told to check for IDs before students even enter the room. IDs must be hung around the student’s neck.


“When a student doesn’t have an ID, and its first block, I send them to iss during SSR [Silent Sustain Reading],” Mrs. Ashley Horton, science teacher, said. “Depending on what’s being discussed, I may or may not send them to ISS because they will miss important information. It’s easier to keep them in class versus…sending them out of class when I know who they are.”

When students forget their IDs, they have two choices. One, they can buy a temporary ID, which is a little sheet of paper with the student’s name, date and time. A temporary ID costs $1.00; the other choice is for students go to ISS for the remainder of the day. According to Sophomore Shania Nelson, many students have forgotten their IDs and have been punished for it, but staff members forget their IDs and go on with their days. According to Sophomore Brittany Bates, staff members act as if they have never forgotten their IDs before.

“I confess I have forgotten an ID before,” Mr. Alvin Presley, Principal, said.

The ID policy is enforced to protect all students. IDs help identify students when on field trips and other activities. Also when there’s a person who is not supposed to be inside the school, he or she will be easily visible.


“I feel that IDs are an important factor to keeping us safe and organized throughout the school day,” Junior Ashley Baker said. “Without IDs, it would cause confusion and chaos for the teachers and administrators.”