By Eva Owusu, News Writer

Students at Keenan were outraged by the shortened lunch schedule put in place by administration. Students only had about a 20-minute window to collect their food and eat it, in place of the usual window to do the same.

Those extra nine minutes make a difference.

“I don’t like it at all,” Senior Larry Brown said.  “I don’t have enough time to go to my locker and get my lunch.”

The administration decided to shorten the lunch time “because students aren’t cleaning up after themselves,” Mr. Alvin Pressley, principal, said.

Administration is in disagreement with students saying students have an adequate amount of time to eat their lunch as long as there is no socializing. If a student takes time to socialize, then there will not be enough time to eat. This forces the student to focus more on getting a meal before their next class.

Many students don’t know that despite the use of this schedule as punishment, this was actually the schedule that was supposed to be put in place year-round. The longer schedule was the works of student council and other faculty members.

“We were going to start it off with what we have currently, but [the] student body persuaded me, as well as faculty members agreed, that students should have the longer schedule,” Pressley said.

Giving students a longer lunch schedule also gives them free time to do other things like finish homework for a class, visit the library or make up a test with a teacher.

“It doesn’t affect me,” Mr. Kareem Beckett, science teacher, said. “The only problem is [that] I am unable to hold club meeting during lunch.”

Beckett has a later planning block; therefore, the time does not affect him personally the way it would affect other teachers who have an earlier one and have to eat on the 20-minute lunch with students.

The lunch time change also causes the cafeteria workers to worker harder and faster to get meals to more than 300 students in a shorter time.

“It would be more effective to have a time period in lunch to have students put up their trash” Brown said.

Students who are acting responsibly, are more than likely a little more frustrated than those who not because they didn’t do anything. Students feel it is unfair to punish the whole student body and faculty for the one section that does not clean up after themselves.

Since the time for lunch had been shortened, Pressley noticed a great improvement in the cleanliness of the cafeteria.

“There is a possibility that we will go back to the extended lunch and senior privileges will be reinstated, if the cafeteria continues to be clean after each lunch,” he said.