By Troy Brown, Features Writer

What are inmates, and how do they affect society? What are the causes of being an inmate? What can students do to not get themselves in trouble? And how can their backgrounds determine the future possibility of being inmates?

Every year a lot of inmates are incarcerated, and this involves society by taking away their money by paying more taxes.

“People…are incarcerated; tax money goes to the jails [rather] than educating children,” Ms. Tawanna Thomas, special education teacher, said.

Many people don’t know the causes of being incarcerated as an inmate, but some people have to pay the price to know the consequences.

“The many people who are in prison don’t come back and better themselves as…[people], while some inmates get worse and go back,” Officer Clarence Black, school resource officer, said.

What are some ways high school students get in trouble?

“Many students in high schools make poor choices and decisions while they’re young and end up paying for it later in life,” Thomas said.

People have different backgrounds. Some people get stronger and move on, while other people stay the same and get in trouble.

“People who come from bad backgrounds typically find it harder to succeed,” Thomas said.

Other people have harder backgrounds, but they try to make changes in their lives.

“Losing your mother and father at an early age growing up, living in a gang affiliated neighborhood and people who want give you a chance because of the past has had an impact on my life,” Junior Thaddeus Peterson said.