By Kiera Porter, Sports Writer

The Lady Raiders basketball season has begun with high hopes to make it to the championship in March. Sophomore Isis Hill, who plays for Keenan’s varsity division, described what she goes through when she’s on the court. The tactic Hill uses to prepare for a game is listening to music.

“It soothes me and makes me more focused,” Hill said, adding she loves food.

Hill also said when she’s on the court during a game, the only thing going through her head is to increase her stats, so she will be more recognized.

“These in turn will help me get into college,” Hill said.

Hill talked about her relationship with her teammates.

“Yeah, we have a good relationship; we’re even better on the court,” she said.

Hill has plans to better herself in order to get to the championship.

“To get stronger and more confident, that’s one of my weak spots, so I want to work on that,” Hill said.

Coach Reggie McClain, head girls’ basketball coach, had details about how he runs his team. McClain said the girls as a team need to work on understanding rules better and improving their team chemistry as a whole.

“My relationship with my girls is great; we all understand what we need to do to get where we want to be, and that comes from having a good, strong relationship,” McClain said

In basketball, no matter how good players are, grades come first; if their GPAs drop during the season, players are not allowed to play until the next quarter.

Coach Shalise Wine, girls JV coach and girls Varsity assistant coach, spoke on the subject.  Vereen also talked about what she does when she is faced with a good player who has low grades and if that stops him or her playing in a major game.

“Tutoring: They can come to practice, but they have to go to tutoring, and if a player becomes ineligible, [he or she is] not allowed to play under any circumstances,” Wine said.

She uses drill to perfect her team more than to punish them.

“It is necessary that they learn their fundamentals in order to become better as players,” Wine said.

When a player is faced with personal or behavioral problems, Wine takes different measures when it comes to both. She uses conditioning to punish them by exercise and makes them run when it comes to behavioral problems.

When it comes to personal problems, she takes different steps.

“We try and talk to them, or send them to somebody [who] can help,” Wine said.

That’s just some insight in the world of the Lady Raiders. Who know what’s to come?