By Tayler Curry, Sports Writer

Officer Clarence Black, softball coach, is preparing for a good season with the help of Ms. Keisha Stewart, softball coach.

As the 2015 softball season approaches, Black has decided to start preparing immediately. The team has had numerous practices over the summer and will have continuous practices throughout the year before and after the season.

“We will be going back over the basics and building from the ground up,” Black said.

The Shield, what Black refers to the softball team as, will be really great this season.

Over the course of the summer, the softball team has had practices and workouts. During this time, Black pointed out a few potential standout players for this season: Juniors Daysha Stewart, Breada Andrews and Ivy Mitchell; Sophomores Relinda Starks and Lillian Kelley; and Senior Eva Oawsu.

With all the practices and workouts during the preseason/off season, the coaches have very high expectations of the players, including more wins.

“The players this season will do very excellent,” Stewart said.  “They’re hard working and driven.”

There are a lot of returning players from the last season. However, Kelley is a new to the school and softball team.

“I believe that the previous players will do well because of the experience, but the new players need work,” Kelley said.

Each player should play a role in the team, the season and games.

“I will help improve the team by playing hard, holding down my position and playing it to the best of my abilities,” Kelley said.

Each season will be different because of the players and coaches.

Last season did not turn out as planned, according to coaches and returning players because everyone seems to be depending on one person instead of one another as a team.

Everyone is working harder, hoping to greatly improve and leave the upcoming season with a bang.