By Breayanna Gibson, News Writer

Keenan’s third interim has come out. Teachers and students feel differently about interims the past nine weeks.

Students wonder why teachers calculate grades eight times a year instead of four.

“PowerSchool calculates it every day; maybe we don’t need interims,” Mrs. Kristin Bullington, physical science teacher, said.

Maybe students don’t need interims, but a lot of students might not have access to computers at home.

“They need to know how their progress is going, and it helps their grades,” Mrs. Nicole Price, critical reading teacher, said.

Dr. Veronica Scott, assistant principal for curriculum and instruction, gave some insight on the purpose of interims.

“It gives students and teachers feedback on academic performance on how their doing in their classes,” Scott said. “Improvement can be made through the quarter; it gives them an overview for determining the interim.”

How can the teacher help a student pull up his or her grade in his or her class if it’s extremely low?

“The teacher can’t do anything,” Bullington said. [Students] can retake tests or ask questions in class.”

They also can join afterschool activities if they still don’t comprehend in class.

“I can give students opportunity to come to tutoring and help them with something they didn’t understand,” Price said.

If a student has a high grade in class after the interim, it can affect them badly if they don’t keep it up.

“Grades are calculated by the syllabus,” Bullington said. “Your interim just tells where you are. Focus needs to be done on master skills.”

Price gave some insight on how students operate in relation to their grades.

“Sometimes students with really high grades don’t think they have to put forward the effort for the rest of the quarter or next quarter,” Price said.

If an all A student has an extremely low grade, what ideas does he or she come up with to help the grade.

“A lot of makeup work, tutoring and go to the teacher and see my grade,” Sophomore Isis Hill said.