By Grant Adams, News Writer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month affects everyone in different ways, directly and indirectly. Various organizations do different things to help the millions affected with cancer. At Keenan, students and faculty put together a week to raise more awareness.

Ms. Deidra Pompey, Student Council Sponsor, is responsible for organizing the week.

“Student council members met and discussed the activities that would take place during the week,” Pompey said.

This week influenced students to become more aware about the current situation. It’s a tradition at Keenan to have Breast Cancer Awareness Week, and students are willing to raise awareness.

“Personally, several family members have breast cancer,” Mr. Pablo Rivera, history teacher, said.  “Cancer affects everyone in some way directly and indirectly.”

Rivera had cancer but not breast cancer.

“Women are afraid to get mammograms because they are scared of the answer. They are afraid of the unknown,” Rivera said.

Other teachers also have sympathy for this day.

“No one in my family has it, but I have a friend who is a survivor,” Mrs. Alethea Barnes-Hughey, English teacher, said “she is alive and well.  I have no idea. I wouldn’t know what to do if I got breast cancer.”